About the Owner

I have a love to travel and have traveled extensively all around the world. Every trip I make, I would find fun products that I have never seen in stores before and that was the genesis for my business.

My travel passion led me to start up O'Day Caché in 2004; a retail store located in the historic downtown of Fargo, ND. My store is stocked with unique merchandise that I have personally picked out and imported to the United States. I wanted to offer some of my things for sale on this on-line store.

I will be adding interesting things on my web like hand-loomed throws and baskets I had made in Morocco. I have been to India many times and I plan to feature many one of a kind items that I have collected. I also love to travel to China; I have many fun, quirky items that I pick out.

I also have jewelry made from artisans I meet during my travels. I have so many beautiful silver and pearl jewelry items that I look forward to having available hear at www.odaycache.com.

Over the years I have collected some incredible pieces of antique furniture, pottery and wall art. I will be adding those from time to time.

Come back often, like my retail store, this store will be changing often! Thank you for looking and let me know if you have any questions.

Cindy O'Day